Diary from Hanover


At Ligna 2017, SCM Arena represented the focus of the group's huge stand. 
A space designed and made for sharing knowledge and experiences related to woodworking tech-nology and the various technological trends. 
For four days, Scm specialists, together with customers and outside speakers, took turns in a full agenda of daily presentations.
An elegant stage equipped with a large LED wall flanked by two mega video walls allowed all of the comfortably seated guests to make the most of the various presentations and closely follow the graphs, pictures and videos.

To engage the audience, Rebekka Mueller, a young German actress, enlivened the scene by intro-ducing the programme and speakers, who could make use of the simultaneous interpretation ser-vice from German into English and vice versa provided by Scm.
More than ten experts took turns on the stage of Scm Arena. Their presentations, all very much fo-cussed on specific aspects of woodworking technologies and current industry trends, were soon made available to Scm customers on the web to further share these experiences with those who were not able to follow them live.