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Design and high tech. for unique retail premises

A family run business that exports most of its production and has just turned fifty. JPMA Global are "outfitters" for retail sales premises with highly sophisticated customised creations. They have strong ties with SCM: "The result of the finished product is just as important as the machine's performance and functioning when one decides to invest in new technology"


JPMA Global Inc. is a family run business based in Montreal, in Canada, that employs more than 300 workers around the world. Established in 1968, it recently celebrated fifty years in the industry. The secret of its success lies in a product that artfully combines wood with other materials (mainly metal) to achieve custom-designed furnishings and installations and "turnkey" solutions for a mid-high client range with sophisticated tastes.

Looking at this company's creations, we can admire a fine balance between design and practicality. In fact, the aim is to create pleasant, elegant retail environments which are also functional for retail sales premises and that attract the client's attention at first glance, tempting them to purchase something. The most commonly used materials include MDF, pressed wood, plywood and solid wood panels though veneering is also applied to the plates as well as paint and staining treatment. Everything is custom produced at the factory in Montreal, from the project to delivery, although for certain kinds of work, a small number of trusted outsourced suppliers may be used.

The elegance that distinguishes JPMA Global's contract furnishings has also won over other markets as well as the Canadian one, mainly in the United States which covers 70% of exports, though there are also clients in Europe (10%) and other continents (5%).

Technology plays a key role in production, as does automation: with the exception of work that is more craftsmanship focused, where manual skills remain essential, in most cases, evolved technology is used to accelerate the pace of production. The 5-axis numerically controlled machining centres, edgebanders and automatic saws are some of the solutions which the JPMA Global team could not do without when working with wood. This is also the case with the internal plating line and the automated ones assigned to painting.

The speed and precision guaranteed by machines and automation plants, perfect communication between these and design software and planning models for an effective production are the main technological supports.

Over the last three years, JPMA has invested in numerous SCM products: a superset tx (topset xl pre-rebranding) throughfeed moulder, ideal for producing slabs, cornices, profiles and linear elements for windows, doors and furniture; a morbidelli m600 machining centre with modular composition designed and developed to meet the needs of companies in the furnishing industry; a gabbiani s 95 saw that stands out for its easy process handling and impeccable execution of the end cut, thanks to a perfect mix of machine interface and solid structure; a 5 axis balestrini power machining centre with an elevated workable cube, a work surface with rapid set-up and a CAD/CAM software that extols its performance.

"This technology has always helped us overcome any creativity limitations, improve our production methods and accelerate processes" explains Giuseppe Paventi, founder of JPMA. Opting for "made in Italy" machines was a source of great pride for this Italian businessman who moved to Canada at a young age. "Demonstrating what we are capable of manufacturing with this technology, produced in my homeland, is the greatest joy of all" he adds.

"The result of the finished product is just as important as the machine's performance and functioning when one decides to invest in a new technology" explains Paventi. "It is also true that if the supplier does not offer a back-end support, then it is better not to buy from them at all!".

A constant dedication to creativity, a strong passion for one's work, continuous control of product quality, combined with an effective and reliable customer service: the JPMA Global mission moves along this track: continuing to successfully unite craftsmanship and technology to create customised, refined furnishings for retail premises around the world.

JPMA Global

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