The Russian customer Krost visits our showroom for the System 5/S line

24 jul. 2013

On days 17 and 18 July the Russian customer KROST visited SCM Group in Rimini for the acceptance of an integrated line for System 5/S.

KROST is a large real estate construction company that has decided to expand its production of windows. Not having so far for windows a industrial production, the customer has chosen SCM Group as a partner to provide not only machines but a productive, advanced and flexible solution. The line test is fully integrated and designed to produce prefinished wood and wood-aluminum windows with a high degree of flexibility. The customer paid special attention that the finishing of the pieces out and the software integration between the line and the SCM software house of the customer are satisfactory.

The acceptance test has been successful, the customer was pleased with the performance checked and all the support received in approaching this new technology.