E-Campus: the most advanced SCM skills division in the woodworking sector, in a click


On-line courses, video-tutorials, "virtual" classrooms where strategic content focusing on the key technological challenges linked to the vast world of wood machining can be shared with teaching staff and qualified experts. All the training activities for technicians at the branches, dealers and clients who are part of the SCM international network can carry on easily, rapidly and smartly thanks to the "e-Campus" platform, overcoming any space-time barrier and reinforcing them further. Everything offered by Campus and the SCM Group training Centre can be accessed in a single virtual space with two key objectives:

  • to continue promoting skills updating for the SCM team assigned to sales work and technical support, even from a distance.
  • to offer clients an increasingly more evolved, all-round service, as well as an opening that is permanently projected into the future of wood machining.

It is precisely the training offered to clients that is further enhanced with increasingly more personalised courses based on the specific individual needs of companies in the woodworking industry. A valuable opportunity which aims to be a "plus" and a high-tech, "made in SCM" added value.

Most of the courses, which are available both in deferred e-learning mode as well as real time webinars, involve “technical training” video lessons on the group's different technologies and product lines, different installation methods, optimisation and maintenance of machinery and/or plants.

Some of the key topics include the latest on SCM digital software and services: from the new HMI multi-touch Maestro active interface for simple, optimal control and interaction with the machine, to the IoT Maestro connect platform for instant access to a vast range of services such as continuous monitoring of the machine's status, optimisation of maintenance activities and management of spare parts and remote technical support with the Smartech service.

You will never work alone: SCM ensures training is always up to speed with technological innovation. Limitless. Stay tuned!