IBC NV: identikit of the company that has made modern living its product

A quick glance at Belgian company IBC NV (International Building & Construction) is enough to understand how its attention to “living” based on the utmost comfort, low environmental impact and painstaking contemporary design is reflected in its wood constructions.

Zandhoven is home to IBC which, with its 35 employees, is one of the most interesting businesses in the Belgian wood construction market. The production of wooden beams and walls is accompanied by door and window frames, again in solid wood, to offer turnkey solutions for new homes, renovations, annexes, swimming pools, roofing, garages and landscape architecture. All the wood essences, especially red maple, are used to produce beautiful homes with stunning design features; they're safe and solid, with excellent thermal insulation and hence low energy consumption, fully epitomising the philosophy of “good and beautiful living”.

SCM Group for IBC: 200 wooden constructions per year with Routech's OIKOS

The relations with SCM started with the purchase some years ago of the Dogma angular centre for machining door/window frames. Since then, an important partnership has been built up, explains owner Koen Zagers

Our idea of how the market will develop over the next 5 years has led us to invest in the best technology, with the dual aim of minimising costs and maximising quality and production capacity”.

The fundamental assets are therefore advanced CAD/CAM design to meet the increasingly specific requests of our customers, and top technological quality for the CNC processing centres, meaning extreme machining flexibility, precision, control, and high production.

Today, the only way to produce competitively is to choose the best support that technology can give”: in 2013 IBC purchased the Routech OIKOS processing centre with 6 interpolating axes, making a huge leap forward in terms of the quality and automation of the wooden beam production process.

Top level technology at the service of industry in the advanced markets

With OIKOS, IBC constructs wooden houses and constructions on the basis of a highly competitive production logic that's ideal for advanced markets like Europe: 

-       complex machining operations requiring considerable time are now possible at IBC thanks to the technology of this processing centre with 6 interpolating axes. Large heavy pieces, up to 9 meter long and with max section of 650 mm x 300 mm, but also very small complex pieces of only 250 mm long and a section of 50 mm x 20 mm of thickness are machined by OIKOS in an extremely accurate and fast manner, proving the optimum production flexibility that can be obtained with this equipment.

-       Building a home in wood means reducing energy consumption by dozens of times compared with a traditional brick house. The growing focus on energy savings and eco-sustainable lifestyles is firmly supported by Routech's most advanced technology;

-       contemporary architecture finds one of its greatest forms of expression in wooden structures.

For IBC, Routech is a highly professional and collaborative point of reference, providing its production organisation with the best solutions currently available on the market. The analysis of the real needs expressed by IBC, and the ability to create a technological solution around the customer's own specific requirements (in both the sale and aftersales phases), have made Routech the ideal technological partner for the Belgian company, leading to mutual esteem and recognition.

( OIKOS 12 can machine up to 19 m long beams with a section of 1250 x 300 mm)