How to Reach Up to 4.8m Without Taking a Step


TigerStop is the world’s leading supplier of stop gauge and precise material positioning systems for almost any product. Since it’s founding in 1994, TigerStop has manufactured over 30,000 units worldwide, and the numbers show no signs of slowing down with the latest edition to the TigerStop range – SawGear.

TigerStop and SawGear – What’s The Difference?

The TigerStop is a measuring system that has a platform that can easily be added to. For example, once you have purchased the stop, you may decide that you want to remotely input cutting lists from the office, or change the day’s priority of jobs, or even interrupt a cutting list to get an urgent job out. The TigerStop can have software, firmware and hardware updates where the possibilities are endless. But what if you don’t require any of this and you just want a stop to speed up production and increase productivity? Enter the SawGear.

Why SawGear?

We all know the old adage, ‘Measure Twice, Cut Once.’ While it’s important to save dollars from cutting mistakes, taking the time to double check means what you’re saving in mis-cutting of stock, you could very well be paying for in labour. With the SawGear material positioning system, every cut is accurate and fast. Savings of mistakes and labour are realised instantaneously. In fact, there are very few machines for your factory that can realise your return on investment so quickly. Don’t measure. Don’t mark. Just Cut.

SawGear Benefits You in 5 Ways

1. Fast and Accurate…Every time
SawGear quickly positions to your desired length and cuts within +/- .20mm every time. The part you cut today will be the same as the part you cut tomorrow.

2. Eliminate Rework
With SawGear you can say goodbye to rework! Your cutoff station can make your newest employee perform like a seasoned operator.

3. Not a Saw?
SawGear can be fitted to any machine tool where accuracy and repeatability are required. (eg drilling machine, punches etc)

4. Keeps Operators in the Zone
When operators are busy setting and resetting stops, they aren’t cutting and they aren’t making you money. SawGear keeps the operator at the saw and in the money making zone.

5. Fast Payback and Exceptional Return On Investment
Most users find that their SawGear pays for itself in a matter of months.

Highly Versatile

While the SawGear has been designed to be easily portable, it is just as suited to a permanent position in your factory. The SawGear can be used in either an incremental or multiple position mode, and is available in three sizes between 2.4m -4.8m SawGear can even easily calculate the positions for angled and mitered parts.

Is the SawGear Durable?

Watch the following video and decide for yourself.










SawGear – Designed to easily automate your new and existing machinery, giving you repeatable accuracy in any positioning application.

For more information on TigerStop products and capabilities, contact SCM Group Australia.