World Solar Challenge: the new Australian challenge for the Emilia 4 LT solar powered car is about to begin


From Maranello to the expanses of Australia. No more than two months since its official presentation at the Ferrari Museum, the Emilia 4 LT, an evolution in solar powered cars, which won the American Solar Challenge last year, is now ready for a new and equally gruelling challenge on Australian soil. The car will take part in the prestigious World Solar Challenge in Australia from 3 to 20 October, racing against other cars of its kind and the result of research work done by some of the most renowned universities in the world. Scm Group and, in particular, Cms Advanced Materials, which contributed to creating moulds for the carbon fibre body work with its innovative machining centres, continue to stand by this special car and genuine concentration of high tech "made in Italy", and its team. The team's first undertaking was to pick-up the car, which had been shipped by sea, at Melbourne Harbour. Carlo, Leonardo, Morena, Marco, Davide, Ruggero and Luigi then set off with the car and lorry, which will accompany them throughout the race like a workshop on wheels, in the direction of Darwin along the Stuart Highway, which takes its name from John McDouall Stuart, the first European to cross Australia from north to south. The race will run from Darwin across 3,000 km and end in Adelaide. We will keep track of the main stop off points on this new challenge by tuning in to the news from its key players. In the meantime, all that remains for us to do is to hope all involved manage to recharge their batteries, as we wait for the race to begin!