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Roller Coater Valtorta F1 - SCM Group

valtorta f1

Thanks to Superfici’s vast experience in finishing, the Valtorta F1 is a fast and efficient roller coating machine which is suitable for finishing flat panels, doors, parquet, and furniture panels. Its technology and features are perfectly integrated...

Sizing Edge Bander Stefani SB - SCM Group

stefani sb

Extraordinary robustness, design quality and constant technical updating are what make the stefani sb a byword for reliability and practical efficiency, even in heavy-duty use with several work shifts per day, always with the guarantee...

Automatic Continuous Cycle Press Sergiani LAS - SCM Group

sergiani las

Automatic through feed press for the production of hollow core doors, laminated panels and wood flooring.

dmc system t

dmc system t project is the maximum expression of versatility and is aimed at companies that need to carry out particularly complex calibration and sanding machining with high productivity. We highlight the machining of solid wood doors, calibrations...