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Machining Centre for Solid Woodworking, Stairs & Doors Accord 30 FX - SCM

accord 30 fx

Machining centre for the production of windows, doors, stairs, solid wood parts and for all those processes that require heavy duty machining, while maintaining high standards in terms of precision and finish quality.

Machining Centre Morbidelli N200 - SCM Group

morbidelli n200

CNC machining centre mainly dedicated for nesting process, specified for those manufactures who need to produce in batches or "order by order". Available also in "cell" version with lifting table and unloading belt.

superset nt

superset nt

The automatic throughfeed moulder ideal for companies working multiple shifts and/or small batches. For the production of profiles for profiles for windows, doors, stairs, beads, frames and furnishings. The machine structure has been specific designed to...

Automatic Sander Calibrating Machine DMC Eurosystem - SCM Group

dmc eurosystem

Excellent finishing results are obtained when machining raw and painted panels thanks to the wide range of units (Cross-Belt, Calibrating Roller, Sanding Roller, Super-Finisher) that come with the Eurosystem, and to its prescribed approach: a perfect...