Awisa 2016

6-9.07.2016 Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Scm Group will be the protagonist of Awisa 2016 (6-9 July, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre)

The exhibition is the must-see event for everyone in woodworking and associated industries and professions. Furniture manufacturers, cabinet makers, kitchen manufacturers, door, window and moulding manufacturers, joinery manufacturers, architects, designers, shop and office fitters, builders, and other wood, timber and panel processing industries are welcome to attend.


Australian Woodworking Industry Suppliers Association Limited
Trade shows and magazines for the cabinet, joinery, furniture, timber and panel industries.
6-9 JulyMelbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Scm Group Australia @ AWISA 2016


At Awisa, Scm Group will present the latest developments of the group and its brands.

These will include integrated solutions and modular cell systems, which reflect the intelligent innovation approach, a direct interpretation of the “Smart Manufacturing". In particular we will present integrated production processes for panel and solid wood machining, all “intelligently flexible”, and capable of combining different levels of profitability/productivity, utmost customisation and extremely easy reconfiguration possibilities. The aim is to provide the industry with solutions for productions with shorter time-to-market, to increase competitiveness on the markets and at the same time allow for a greater level of specialisation.

The technologies presented by the Scm Group are therefore designed to optimize and facilitate the creativity of small woodworking workshops and large industries, supporting them in the process towards “mass customization”.


The software, a centrally important aspect to the “Smart Manufacturing” logic, will be one of the strong points at Awisa. Scm Group will bring to the show all its know-how and a suite of state of the art, and continuously evolving, softwares, developed to guarantee the complete use of the machines’ functions and achieve a more flexible and customised production and industrial process.



At the show the group will present its unique scalable cell systems. This range of solutions can meet the production demands of an industry that is increasingly looking for greater flexibility, easy integration and profitability. Many of the technological developments of the group will be found in the integrated and modular production processes. This choice reflects the extensive and comprehensive competence of the Scm Group’s specialists in all the application fields of the sector.   

Cell system for medium production capacities (up to 1000 pieces per shift), that consists of the following:

  • Scm Pratix S machining centre expanded with new functions, designed specifically for nesting operations, such as the new labelling function managed by the Xilog Maestro software, which makes it even easier to control the entire process. The higher level of integration in the automatic processes makes Pratix S a real cell or integrated solution. 
  • The versatile and high productive Stefani Solution MD edge bander is the perfect choice for companies that need to continuously produce numerous different types of panels.
  • The Morbidelli Cyflex hp drilling centre, is one of the most eagerly awaited products in terms of productivity increase. This solution, requires less than 10 m2 of space, and achieves lower cycle times than any other alternative in this market segment.

Technological solutions to process solid wood:

Machining centre to produce elements of doors and windows Scm Accord 25 fx, equipped with the automatic worltable Matic, Prisma 5-axis machining unit and Pro-Speed safety system.



Edge banding

Perfect edge finish and an extremely diversified production within the means of any company; these are the key aspects of the edge banding systems that Stefani and Scm will have on show at Awisa.

In particular, the focus will be on the wide range of gluing systems, the new SGP glue tank, Air Fusion technology, and the new integrated PU BOX L pre-melter, found on the whole range of Stefani and Scm Olimpic edge banders.


DMC will take part in the show with the range of System flexible wide belt sanders. This modular system features unique new devices that allow for prestigious finishes found in hand-made pieces such as the saw cut, woodworm, structured and wave-effect, as well as the most varied brushing and rustication effects. 



Machines for small woodworking workshops 

Scm Group will bring to Awisa the exclusive L'invincibile range. This has always been the classical machines reference point for small to mid-sized companies and for larger saw mills that produce non-standard items or with prototyping departments, The “L’invincibile Six” circular saw with +-46° blade tilting, the pinnacle of the design and technological excellence of the group, will also be on show.


All products on show at Awisa 2016

accord 25 fx centro de trabajo cnc

accord 25 fx

CNC - Centros de Trabajo

Centro de trabajo a control numérico que ofrece grandes prestaciones con la mínima inversión. Pensado para la pequeña y mediana empresa, une prestaciones de alta tecnología con la máxima facilidad de uso, para la producción flexible de puertas,...

Class F 520 / Class F 410 - Cepilladora para Madera - SCM Group

class f 520 - class f 410

Maquinas para carpinteria

La mejor respuesta por cada necesidad. Superficies perfectas, practicidad y seguridad, ergonomía.

Olimpik K 360 - Canteadora Automática Unilateral - SCM Group

olimpic k 360

Chapeadora y Escuadra chapeadoras

Versatilidad y maquinado de alta calidad con olimpic k 360, la máquina con la meta de ser el nuevo punto de referencia entry level por su grupo redondeador. Compacta y fácil de usar gracias a su avanzada solución tecnológica diseñada para garantizar...

Olimpik K 560 - Canteadora Automática Unilateral - SCM Group

olimpic k 560

Chapeadora y Escuadra chapeadoras

Productiva y versátil, olimpic k 560, está concebida para la empresa que tiene la necesidad de producir muchos paneles, también diferentes entre sí. olimpic k 560 tiene numerosas soluciones que siempre garantizan el mejor trabajo en cualquier tipo de...

Morbidelli N100 - Centro de Trabajo para Madera y Plástico - SCM Group

morbidelli n100

CNC - Centros de Trabajo

Centro de trabajo diseñado y proyectado para el trabajo de la madera; gracias a su diseño único y al sistema de seguridad PRO-SPACE necesita poco espacio y es accesible por todos los lados para el movimiento de tableros o pequeños componentes.

S 630 Class / S 520 Class - Regruesadora - SCM Group

class s 630 - class s 520

Maquinas para carpinteria

Eficacia y eficiencia para garantizar la máxima calidad de acabado.

DMC SD 60 - Calibradora Lijadora Automática - SCM Group

dmc sd 60

Lijadoras y Calibradoras

La última nacida en el ámbito de las lijadoras compactas SCM, es una máquina extremadamente versátil con la cual es posible calibrar MDF, aglomerado, ecc., calibrar y lijar la madera maciza, pre-lijar y lijar los paneles chapados y acabar...

Class SI 400 - Sierra Circular Manual - SCM Group

class si 400

Maquinas para carpinteria

Sierras circulares manuales o programadas con sierra 400 mm. La mejor respuesta para todas las necesidades.

Nova SI 400 - Sierra Circular - SCM Group

nova si 400

Maquinas para carpinteria

Sierra circular con disco inclinable. Sierras circulares manuales o programadas con disco sierra 400 mm. La calidad garantizada al alcance de la mano.

Invincibile SI X - Sierra Circular para Madera - SCM Group

L'invincibile six

Maquinas para carpinteria

Las ventajas de una elección exclusiva. Adquirir L'invincibile six significa recibir todo aquello que usted esperaba de una solución personalizada en cuanto resultado de años de experiencia, investigación tecnológica y genialidad italiana.

Invincibile TI 5 - Tupí para Madera - SCM Group

L'invincibile ti 5

Maquinas para carpinteria

Las ventajas de una elección exclusiva. Adquirir “L'invincibile ti 5” significa recibir todo aquello que ustedes esperaban de una solución personalizada en cuanto es el resultado de años de experiencia, investigación en tecnología y genialidad...

Minimax C 30G - Combinada Universal para Madera - SCM Group

minimax c 30g

Maquinas para carpinteria

Combinada universal con toda la calidad “Made in Italy” Minimax al precio más accesible, ideal para hobbistas exigentes y talleres artesanales.

Minimax CU 410C - Combinada para Talleres Artesanales - SCM Group

minimax cu 410c

Maquinas para carpinteria

La combinada universal para hobbistas exigentes y talleres artesanales esencial, práctica y con la mejor relación precio/prestaciones.

ME20 - Canteadora para Artesanos y Carpinteros - SCM Group

me 20

Maquinas para carpinteria

La solución tecnológica, para artesanos y carpinterias exigentes, para cantear de forma fácil y sorprendente.

Stefani MD - Canteadora Automática Unilateral - SCM Group

stefani md

Chapeadora y Escuadra chapeadoras

Perfecto ​hilo de cola y versatilidad de uso con el nuevo tanque ​de ​cola "SGP" (Smart Glue Pot) y el prefusor PU BOX L. Sorprendente calidad de acabado con la tecnología AirFusion+, que permite el canteado sin el uso de cola. Es la...


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