The best CMS technology in glass machining serving the furniture industry in all its many facets. CMS offers machines and complete solutions with a high technological content to meet the demands of this continually evolving industry which is increasingly requesting extremely reliable, flexible and precise machining.

The CMS Glass Technology machining centres are the perfect choice for quality performance and technology, guaranteeing the best machining in the industry.

Discover the CMS solutions for Furniture

Hob Top Refrigeration Windows Shower box Furnishing Components Tables Mirrors

Hob Top

  • Float glass

Refrigeration Windows

  • Float glass

Shower box

  • Float glass

Furnishing Components

  • Float and low E-Glass


  • Float glass


  • Mirrors

AGC IVB, France

We have been working for CMS for many years, the main reason we chose CMS it's because they have been able to meet our technical requirements. What made us stay with CMS is that they have been able to update our old machines, retrofitting them according to our current needs.

Robert Six, Technical Director


CMS is a leading company in CNC machines. We are very happy we can work with CMS and hopefully our bond can grow in the future.

Panat Prayoonsorn, Technical Engineer