Do you have large production of glass to process? The solution is a custom CMS system!

Nov 2, 2023

For over 25 years, CMS has been developing and manufacturing special machines and automated lines for glass fabrication.  

Its experience and commitment to meet customers’ needs makes CMS the ideal partner for designing and implementing custom solutions, especially for large production runs that involve edge and/or internal operations. 

Why should you have an automated CMS system in your glass factory? 

  • Maximized return on investment through the creation of custom solutions; 

  • Up to 85% operator time saved in full production compared to similar manual solutions; 

  • Risk reduction: everything takes place within a perimeter enclosed by physical guards and barriers, the operators have much less contact with the glass and are much less involved in handling it compared to manual solutions; 

  • Maximum process repeatability ensures high quality and stability: all operations are handled by robots or glass transfer machines that repeat the process in an identical manner; 

  • Custom solution to meet the customer's needs: the system is first designed and then built considering the available space and desired cycle times.