What is the most reliable and convenient solution for dealing with large-scale production of processed glass?

Mar 30, 2023

The use of processed glass in various sectors, such as architectural and interior design, often requires non-rectangular shapes and specific processing methods, such as creating holes and notches in the glass itself, as well as grinding and polishing its edges. 

At CMS, we have been developing and producing special machines and automated lines for processing glass for over 50 years. 

Thanks to our experience and commitment to meeting our clients' requirements, we are the perfect partners for developing and creating customized solutions. 

So, what is involved in a customized automated line for processing glass sheets? 

  • An automatic loading zone 

  • A processing station for the sheet edge 

  • A drilling-routing station 

  • A washing machine 

  • An automatic unloading and palletizing zone 


  • Up to 85% operating time saved in standard production compared to a similar manual solution 

  • Maximization of the return on investment with a customized solution