The CMS Metal Technology machinery is a mark of excellence in the metal machining industry. Over 50 years of experience makes CMS the ideal partner with its ability to offer a vast range of products to meet the requests from any industry, even the most demanding ones, guaranteeing high performance and maximum production flexibility.

CMS Metal Technology's solutions are the key to success for any manufacturing requirement.


Discover the CMS solutions for Metal Finishing

Chrome Planting Preparation Stainless Steel Panels Saw Blades

Chrome Planting Preparation

  • Materials
    Stainless Steel
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Stainless Steel Panels

  • Materials
    Aluminium, Stainless Steel
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Saw Blades

  • Materials
    C75 tempered steel
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Ace Machinery - Canada

" We have looked for a lot of manufacturers. The reason we chose CMS is because they manufacture both waterjet machines and pumps, so with CMS is a all in one solution, they say behind everything they make. We can leave the machines unattended, we had them run 24 hours straight without being stopped. CMS staff is very knowledgeable, we consider them a partner. I consider the technichias friends. CMS has technicians coming in Canada from Italy and technicians coming to us from the US branch as well. We are very happy with the service, it's a pleasure to work with CMS". Ron Wallace, Owner

Cresseri, Italy

"Thanks to the sanding machine we bought from CMS we solved the problems we had, such as we have managed to remove the burr and to offer a fully safe item, especially in case of stainless steel". Giancarlo Proserpio, President