Log On Live Automation with Fom Industrie

15 Apr 2019

A cloud-based platform, Log On Live Automation - or LOLA - was created by Fom Industrie to help users monitor and improve productivity and efficiency in manufacturing. A unique approach to monitoring your machining, LOLA reports on the efficiency and status of key components and tools of Fom machinery.

Compatible with PCs and mobile devices, LOLA provides transparent and instantly available information giving you access to:

  • machine status
  • machining statistics
  • status of electro-spindles and tools
  • alarms and malfunctions

The data indicates whenever a key component approaches the end of its life cycle so that you can plan replacement work and minimise machine downtime.

Fom machine software communicates relevant information to LOLA on a user-friendly interface, with the option of accessing your data on both mobile phones and tablets.

LOLA is your ideal partner in digital factory management, gathering all the information you need to schedule ordinary plant maintenance. The mobile version displays information on machine status and the level of wear of key components in the same screen.

LOLA can be activated with two different user profiles, with the option to manage which information is supplied to each user. Multiple machines can be associated with just one operator or a number of operators assigned to different machines.

Data is secured through an https connection, so all information is protected. Optimisation for LOLA 1.0 will be completed in July 2019, with LOLA 2.0 due to be finalised in 2020.

For more information on how LOLA can be integrated with your Fom Industrie machinery, contact SCM Australia.