CMS Metal Technology

CMS, a brand of Italian excellence recognized all over the world, completes its offer in the metal processing technology with the integration of DMC machines. An important brand, worldwide recognised as a leader for quality and performances in the production of deburring and finishing machines. With this range extension , CMS, once again, confirms to be “Your Technology Partner” also in the metal working sector.


Dry operation

DMC - Deburring satinizing machine Metal System

dmc metal system

Metal processing

Represents a heavy-duty solution dedicated to the medium and large end user, as well as dedicated contractors, who are required to combine productivity, reliability and flexibility due to the ever changing work orders. In a single pass the machine is...

dmc eurosystem md

Metal processing

Eurosystem MD dry deburring finishing machines combine both top quality machining and system flexibility to meet a wide variety of production requirements. Based on a rich package of standard features and a diverse variety of optional devices, this...


dmc m950

Metal processing

Compact deburring-finishing machine designed to meet a variety of production requirements for diversified machining.The machine allows to better satisfy all dry deburring and satinising requirements of metallic surfaces thanks to the...

Wet operation

DMC - Deburring satinizing machine Topmetal

dmc topmetal

Metal processing

Designed to meet all deburring and satinizing demands, including heavy-duty machining. Wet processing is ideal for customers requiring very high quality finishes such as preparation of surfaces for mechanical polishing, chrome-plating and other...

m950 wet

dmc m950 wet

Metal processing

Compact deburring-finishing machine for wet processing of the metallic surfaces. It can be equipped with 1-6 working units: the modular structure allows to replace the single operating units or order the machine with empty spaces for the...