CMS Speed Twin

Dec 16, 2019

CMS Speed Twin: the machine with a 4-axis dual head!

Speed Twin is the solution that CMS has designed to increase the production of glass sheets using horizontal machining centers.

The advantage of the application consists in the possibility to machine two identical workpieces simultaneously. Two grinding heads mounted on the same crossbar, but completely disengaged from one another along the stroke, are designed precisely for the simultaneous machining of two workpieces.

Both operating units of the existing model have been integrated with an additional axis that enables drilling the glass sheet by means of opposite bits. This additional feature increases the current possibilities for carrying out grinding and milling operations.



  • Increase of productivity by up to 50%
  • Useful work area in X of 1725 mm in order to machine two workpieces
  • Y modular dimension up to 6 meters
  • Possibility of installing the solution on an alternating machine or on a rotary table