Interzum Guangzhou: SCM automation for top quality

1 Nis 2021

A flexible, ideal automation even for "batch 1" machining and for top quality products. This is the proposal SCM presented at Interzum Guangzhou with its new version of the Smart&Human Factory specifically for the world of furniture and design. Visitors to the trade fair had a chance to see for themselves an example of high-tech automated and custom designed engineering solutions that have already won over leading businesses on the Chinese market. Starting with the flexible sizing and edgebanding cell that brings together the top performance of gabbiani s and stefani xd with a high quality automation with industrial robot for automatic loading and unloading and software to optimise and simplify the entire process.

Considerable interest was also shown in the Surface Technologies Corner with turnkey solutions for machining 3D surfaces, of particular interest to companies that work in the flooring, wall cladding and modern furnishing industry: the fantastic three-dimensional effects achievable thanks to the exclusive structuring unit of the dmc system sanding machines and the Superfici compact's impeccable spraying, combined with the exclusive excimer technology of the new excimatt system capable of providing an appealing "soft touch" effect and a new surface resistance.

Also taking centre stage among SCM technologies were the AirFusion+ for a glue-free edgebanding, with an unexpected quality finishing and the morbidelli m200 machining centre for "All-In-One" drilling and routing, on this occasion, fitted with a special Lamello application to machine with 90 degree head joints.