ALC Corporation

Технологии для мебели


A customised SCM factory for the success of “Casta” kitchens

The project developed by SCM for ALC Corporation closely examined all the client's machining requirements, to provide a vast and mixed range of evolved technologies. Having a single partner at its side was a considerable advantage for the Vietnamese kitchen company


ALC Corporation, run by Mr. Luu Quang Loc, CEO & Chairman as well as principle shareholder, is one of the most important kitchen manufacturers in Vietnam. His brand “Casta” is extremely well known thanks to its formidable network of showrooms found in every major city in Vietnam.
The company was founded in 1994 and nowadays, with over 1,000 employees located in the Ho Chi Minh City headquarters, handles the manufacturing of kitchens in two industrial plants, and the importation and sales of high-end kitchen appliances like Teka and Kueppersbusch. All of which is distributed throughout the country thanks to the company’s logistics network and impressive fleet of lorries with the Casta sign which can often be seen winding its way through the famous Vietnamese traffic.

The trusting relationship with SCM has developed over time and, in fact, the original production site at Cat Lai has been using SCM saws, drilling machines and sanding machines for many years.
But the turning point came in 2017 when Mr Loc decided to invest in a new 80,000m2 production site in Long Khanh with a view to tripling ALC's production capacity, taking it from 4,000 to 12,000 kitchen sets per month. An important challenge entrusted to SCM Engineering right from the factory layout project stage.

The SCM project, worth more than 5 million Euro, is split into different stages and just as many solutions. The first is a panel machining system designed for mass production, that includes a gabbiani a3 130 angular sectioning unit capable of combining flexibility, productivity and configurability to satisfy any process requirement, an imposing stefani line for double square-edging and an author 924 (nowadays known as the morbidelli a924) high productivity boring cell.

Another technological solution concerns the production of medium batches with an automatic storage cell and management of unfinished Flexstore panels integrated with a morbidelli n200 nesting machining centre for cutting shaped panels with the addition of stefani edgebanders and morbidelli flexible boring centres. Another system is designed for the production of single batches, made-to-measure furniture and samples with a fleet of SCM stand along machines for cutting, drilling, sanding and pressing. An automatic line for made-to-measure cutting of cardboard boxes and modular furniture packaging is also part of the project designed by SCM Engineering. Lastly, a series of dmc sanding machines found in the finishing area complete the items supplied: the surfaces sanded here need to be impeccable so maximum sensitivity and precision are demanded from the process. Based on lengthy experience and knowledge of the market, SCM has always known how to provide the right answer no matter what the production requirement, which in this case is a dmc system. The flexible abrasive modular system is the ideal choice for the highest levels of finishing on "hi-gloss" panels. The two long transversal belts perfectly prepare the pieces for mechanical finishing and polishing processes.

All the machinery is integrated with IMOS company software.
As Mr. Loc explains, the decision to select SCM as its main partner in the design and production of one of the most important production plants in the country depended on the extensive and varied range of products that SCM could offer. For ALC Corporation, it was possible to interact with a single supplier and partner in the creation of a genuine "turnkey" factory and for all the plant's machining requirements, from the handling of raw materials up to the packaging of the end product. Having a single interlocutor made the production process research stage considerably easier, thus directly avoiding any misunderstandings that could arise when various suppliers intervene on the same job. Furthermore, having SCM as a single partner made the integration of state-of-the-art technologies much easier with the company management software and, subsequently, the service and spare parts management.
The ability of SCM and the Vietnamese distributor to provide a fast, effective service, already tried and tested over many years at the original production site, played a key role. According to Mr. Loc, however, the determining factor was the mutual understanding between the two companies: ALC Corporation's production needs were carefully examined and the factory was custom designed for the success of the Casta brand.

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