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The carpentry business was brought to the family by the "grandfather" who in Ghedi began to build small furniture for everyday use, the furniture of the country farmhouse where the Mutti family was living at the time. Initially he did not buy the machines he needed for the various manufacturing, but he rented them, paying only for their use: a very smart way to start a new business.

With the flowing of time and artifacts, the work increased and the master carpenter became more and more practical, until he had no more doubts about what his future would be and in 1952 (the same year of SCM birth), he bought his first woodworking machine.

Being, at the time of its inception, the only carpenter in the country, "grandfather" Mutti has grown and developed his activity hand in hand with Ghedi who has experienced a great expansion since the ‘50s.

This way "grandpa Mutti" started a real furniture production and opened a showroom where they could exhibit and sell their manufacts; with the advent of industry and mass production, however, it was forced to turn towards the world of the windows, where the Mutti joinery has remained until today.

In the last years his successors (son and 2 grandchildren) have moved again on the furniture sector, this time with a more marked connotation on custom furniture, without ever abandoning the world of the window, in which they remain an undisputed reference point in their area.

The first SCM machine arrived in the 80s, with a L'Invincibile thick planer, which paved the way for all the others; the carpenter's shop currently has a well-stocked SCM machine, confirming the appreciation and loyalty to the brand that has been going on for forty years now.

The heirs of the Mutti woodworker tell us that the presence of different SCM machines is justified by the fact that the work of a small carpentry is varied and it would be a shame to lose customers because they do not have the right machines to perform the required jobs.

The new arrival at Mutti is the SCM edgebanding machine, minimax me 25, which arrived just a few days before our meeting and which immediately found its place in the carpentry shop.

The comparison with the large manufacturers of low-cost mass-produced furniture is always around the corner, but thanks to the quality and versatility of the SCM joinery machines, the Mutti joinery can meet the demands that can not be met by the big ones producers, for personalization, attention to detail and finishing. In this way it carries on what has become a family tradition, with passion and commitment.

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