dmc sd 70

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Lixadeiras e Calibradoras - Lixadeiras Calibradoras Automáticas - dmc sd 70

A mais nova lixadeira compacta SCM, é uma máquina extremamente versátil sendo possível calibrar MDF, aglomerado, etc., calibra e lixa madeira maciça.


Long belts: 2.620 mm length for greater finishing and productivity
Better cooling of the abrasive grit due to the greater development of the belts that reduces the adherence of processed dust.
An extended belt length lasts longer, requires fewer replacements and consequently less downtime.

Automatic feed belt tensioning and centering: for an easy operation  
An electro-pneumatic system keeps the feed belt on track, perfectly centred and tensioned at all times. The system is automatic and no operator intervention is required.  

Belt oscillation controlled by an electronic photocell
This precision control system maximum uniformity in belt oscillation: this reduces the risk of belt breakage and improves finishing quality.

Dados Técnicos


 110 135  
Largura útil de trabalho 1.100 1.350 mm
Espessura min./máx. trabalhável 4 - 170 4 -170 mm
Largura da lixa 1.115 1.370 mm
Comprimento Lixa 2.150 2.150 mm
Potência motor 1° grupo 11 (15) 11 (15) kW (Hp)
Potência motor 2° grupo 11 (15) 11 (15) kW (Hp)
Velocidade avanço tapete 4,5/9 4,5/9 m/min
Mobart 85
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