CNC integrated modular cell for doors and windows. Suitable to work more than one shift per day, it can perform batch or unit production. It is possible to carry out all of the essential processes to complete the operations of cutting, tenoning, profiling and boring/routing... regardless of work piece shape, construction concept, joint type, section type etc.

  • Operator presence is not continuously required, thanks to the completely automatic work cycle.
  • Possibility to manufacture any work piece regardless of shape, section and profile, thanks to the “Combiflex” and “FX Matic” worktables.
  • Large availability of tools with different diameters, thanks to HSK spindles.
  • Accessorial machining operations without the use of commercial working heads and extremely reduced set-up time, thanks to BRC boring-routing unit.
  • High productivity thanks to loading/unloading of two work pieces at the same time.
  • Customised compositions and layouts depending on production rate and available space.
Dados Técnicos

Max. working length

3200 mm

Max. working width

210 mm

Max. working thickness

160 mm

Real distance under worktable

110 mm

Height of tenoning from worktable

1020 mm


Linear window manufacturing.

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