morbidelli p1000

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Centros de usinagem - CNC Centro de usinagem para furação, fresagem e colagem de bordo - morbidelli p1000

Multifunction machining centre with high production rate, for completely machining shaped panels with edging application and finishing.
morbidelli p1000 is for all companies which make furniture for offices and shops and want to work to order or in batches, thanks to simultaneous machining of two panels on the mobile worktables.
It is also available with automatically positioned worktable, to minimize setup times.


ZERO SET-UP TIME when switching from one machining operation to the next with the NC worktable featuring a workpiece automatic separation software function.
This means that you can machine more panels with a single loading operation, ideal for increasing productivity.

ZERO DEFECTS with maximum quality even for joins on difficult workpieces thanks to the SBRINDLE device that reads the position of the edging “on-the-fly”.

ZERO DIFFICULTY programming even for less experienced operators, using Maestro edge the brand new software with which a single platform is used to carry out all types of machining.

Dados Técnicos
Área de trabalho eixo X ( 1 painel ) mm 4000 - 4600 - 6000
Área de trabalho eixo X ( 2 painéis ) mm 1600 - 1900 - 3000
Área de trabalho eixo Y mm  1500 - 1800
Mandris de furação n. 18
Potência do eletromandril kW 11
Capacidade do magazine rápido n. 12
Altura de bordo mm 12 - 65
Espessura mm 0,4 - 3
Capacidade do magazine Bordas n. 2 - 4 - 6 - 12

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