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Máquinas Clássicas - Plaina-aplainadoras/entalhadoras-plainas - nova fs 520



Optimal planing with the 120 mm diameter cutter block and 4 knives. For an impeccable finish the pressure of the thicknesser feed rollers can be adjusted according to the type of wood machined. The roller infeed has a helicoidal profile to guarantee firm and constant work piece feed, while the outfeed roller in sandblasted steel maintains the perfect post-processing finishing.

Perfect planarity thanks to the simultaneous raising of the work tables. The system allows the changeover from planer to thicknesser with a single movement ensuring working rapidity and precision.

Precision that lasts a lifetime without noise with the system on connecting rods. The system guarantees the maximum movement fluidity and avoids deformations of the work table. This guarantees maximum stability, reliability and ergonomics.

Exceptional finish with the “Xylent” spiral knife (3 spiral knives)
Reduced noise during machining provides a more comfortable working environment. It also improves the dust extraction due to the production of very small chips. Each cutter has 4 tips which can be rotated into the cutting position when worn. Therefore increasing the production life of the cutter block before knives require replacement.

Dados Técnicos
Largura útil de trabalho mm 410
Comprimento total da mesa mm 2070
Comprimento da mesa de entrada mm 1040
Diâmetro eixo (número de facas) mm 100 (3)
Velocidade rotação eixo rpm 5000
Dimensão da guia da plaina mm 1200x190
Diâmetro boca de aspiração mm 120
Consumo de ar aspirado m3/h 1050
Inclinação guia da plaina   90° - 45°
Potência do motor principal KW (HP) 4 (5,5)
Peso máquina Kg 710
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