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J-SHAPE: the leading softforming solution


Perfection of the workpiece quality guaranteed thanks to the new generation of the working units which are 15% more rigid and 50% less invasive on the panel. The units are equipped with 50% smaller and lighter NC positioners, with precision to the  hundredth of a millimeter, granting constant machining finish with speeds up to 40 m/min, assisted by hyper precise tool/motor connection.
We always look at the process from the point of view of the panel.

J-shape components, Doors, Postformed Tops, straight or angled drawers, delicate/shaped cabinet doors with or without protective film can be always produced to high production standards, always with the maximum productivity per shift. Thanks to the machine's load-bearing structure and the non-deformable feed track, fast and constant movements are guaranteed in any condition.

The choice of the edge/panel join quality can be changed with the utmost flexibility and with the minimum time for retooling. EVA, PUR, EVA / EVA, EVA / PUR, PUR / PUR, SLIM LINE, zero glue line with AirFusion+, glue dosing, automatic glue change cycle, are just some of the possibilities that can be provided on stefani one. 

Technical data
Max feed speed m/min 40
Roll material thickness mm 0.3 - 3
Strip material thickness (ready-cut/veneer strips) mm 0.4 - 1
Max solid wood strip thickness mm 25
Panel thickness  mm 8 - 60 (8-80 opt)
Panel dimensions   according to the composition
Max required overall dimensions m 15
Pneumatic system MPa 6
Gluing technology   EVA, PUR, EVA/EVA, EVA/PUR, PUR/PUR, SLIM LINE
Zero glue line technology   AirFusion+
Possibility to integrate in a cell   Yes
Machine versions   Left (right on request)
Type of panel introduction   Manual (std)
Semiautomatic (opt)
Automatic (opt)
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