stefani cell S

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Coladeiras de Bordos e Esquadrabordas - Flexible edgebanding solutions - stefani cell S
stefani cell S is a new all-in-one cell oriented to medium-sized investment. With a single-operator architecture, it immediately makes the real  business advantages operational, especially in semi-intensive production  contexts and / or with non-homogeneous production batches.
Compact and high performing
In a small space stefani cell S is able to process components coming from the cnc nesting cycle, already sized and squared, or  panel requiring sizing down on two longitudinal sides. The semi-automatic infeed device facilitates and allows longitudinal and transversal insertion of large panels (up to 2700 mm).
Modular and efficient
stefani cell S is designed to be easily integrated into different production scenarios thanks to its integration with the “Pickback” gantry return system for the automatic unloading on the stack of machined panels or the return to the operator loading zone.
Easy-to-use, integrated, versatile
Stefani cell S is standard equipped for operation in self-learning mode via Bar Code / QR Code or through the Maestro active watch supervisor and is thus able to adapt to any level of logical and physical integration. The self-learning of the information allows the machine to prepare itself automatically for the subsequent processing, without any intervention by the operator.
EdgeStore Manager
The automatic learning system via barcode or QRcode reader combines the program to be executed with the correct edge for extremely simple and fast management of the edge coil change. Thanks to the dedicated interface of the Maestro active edge software, all edge information (name, color, thickness, consumption, etc.) are always available on a single screen.
Technical data
Machinable dimensions with lengthwise feeding
(length x width) (min/max)
mm   250x120 / 2500x1200
Machinable dimensions with crosswise feeding
(length x width) (min/max)
mm 120x250 /1200x2500
Operators 1
Program change to Batch 1 (reading of unique code on panel by Bar Code / Qr Code) - YES
Possibility to size the panel - YES
Type, colour, thickness, edge protection film - YES
Panel dimension change - YES
Groove position and depth (in flexible mode) - YES
Glue dosage change - YES
Addition of a panel during Batch 1 machining - YES
Homogeneous panel management - YES
Closed loop management - YES
Panel re-machining - YES
Edge bander model - stefani s


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