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The activity of Rbr is born from the ancestors of the Bernardi family, a story that is lost so much in the past, that it can not be dated with precision. Let's say woodworking has always been in the DNA of this family.

 "Rbr started with SCM, using its traditional machines and with it has evolved, following it in the development of the machines, gradually more and more automated" says Raffaele, one of the 3 brothers that drive the company.


Innovation is the main feature of this joinery and this affirmation is confirmed by the SCM machines that are inside: an electronically controlled shaper, an automatic edge banding machine and a machining center.

"The development of our own production takes place in step with that of the technological level of our machines: when we have more technologically advanced machines, new possibilities open up and creativity is fed and new techniques are experimented".

The company as we see it today, was born in 1990, when Pietro Bernardi gave the steering wheel of the company to his 3 sons Roberto, Bruno and Raffaele. After the first 10 years of classical carpentry business, the company specializes on the production of furniture, but not in the classic style of Bassano, but inventing a new way of "contaminating" wood with other materials. We talk about real experimentation, with the use of plastics, resins and metals. These materials are used to cover the furniture, but the particularity is not in this aspect, but in the special technique invented by Rbr to "merge" the different materials, with a continuity that does not allow to distinguish the separation line.

The company works a lot with social media and web in general and this has allowed it to establish itself in the world of digital commerce, with customers all over the world, especially in the markets that appreciate the niche production and luxury.

Although we speak of digital commerce, and therefore e-commerce, Rbr personalizes each one of its products according to the specific requests of the customer, maintaining a high level of craftsmanship.

At the end of our meeting the Bernardi brothers greeted me with this beautiful sentence with which we also want to conclude the article: "Very often we take for granted the existence of an object, whatever it is, but inside it there is always a part of life given by those who thought it to those who produced it."

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