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Wood-working with the entire L’invincibile range

18 employees, a turnover of around € 1.5 million and a very special recipe: it’s good for business if you’re the owner of the wood-working workshop, handle production and also sales.

This is the thinking behind Polish company Neumann, which manufactures chairs and tables for other furniture makers, and which also markets through two points of sale located in Toruń and Olsztyn.

Tables and chairs, a strong specialisation, a choice of sector that led the company to achieve good results and to consolidate its role as a reliable, capable supplier.


At Neumann SCM solutions have always been used: the company acquired its first machine way back in 1993 and since has enjoyed a solid partnership with Scm Group. 

Obviously, solid wood plays a big role: 80 per cent of the material processed at the Osiek site, near Starogard Gdański, is beech, oak, alder. The rest is veneered panels, still using natural types of wood, for table tops.

It’s ideal work for traditional machines, updated and with control systems making everything simpler and repeatable.

The perfect challenge for “L’invincibile” series machines!

Production “that works” and that doesn’t stay confined within the Polish market. A good 50 per cent of products are exports to: Germany, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine.

Production designed and developed within the company, designs created, drawn and produced in order to give consumers – seeking high quality chairs and tables – a range that satisfies diverse tastes and requirements.

It is a leader in a market that from one year to the next shows constant growth, where it isn’t just the end consumer looking for new products, but where demand from hotels, restaurants and contracts is increasingly focusing on quality, good design, sturdiness and excellent materials.
All at prices that are definitely more competitive than those offered by manufacturers in other countries.

Here we have quality wood-working, using machines that guarantee precision and a high level finish. All with great skill and deftness. The wood is sawn, moulded, worked, sanded, finished and assembled. From A to Z: every step, for straight or curved elements or for panels.

Vast experience supported by SCM technology, which is always closely associated with craftsmen, who want to use ancient know-how.

Those are the values expressed by Neumann. That’s how they work here, that’s the way they make products. Although machines are important, a lot can be gained from the individual’s abilities, his knowledge of wood and know-how in processing it.

At Neumann SCM solutions have always been used: the company acquired its first machine way back in 1993 and since has enjoyed a solid partnership with Scm Group. It’s easy to see why: good, effective machines at the right price. But above all excellent, highly professional and prompt service.

Scm Group’s technical assistance service and customer care is also an important factor for the most traditional machines!


Neumann (Poland)

Bespoke table and chair production

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