SCM Group is a partner in the INCLUSIVE European research project


Inclusive is a European research project (partially funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme) which for a year now has been conducting studies and analyses of recent developments in human-machine interfaces of highly automated production systems. This research project aims to examine over the next two years future scenarios of current trends in the interaction between operators and machining centres. When machines are becoming ever more complex, better integrated and smarter, workers' roles in the production systems are being equally transformed in order to take full advantage of the new technologies. The Inclusive project seeks to define the pillars on which any production environment can be made more open and easier to manage for any type of worker.

The project partners are to meet on 23-24 October in Rimini will also include:

  • PROGEA, a Modena-based company specialising in SCADA/HMI interfaces;
  • SOFTFACT, a German software company;
  • KHS, a German producer of filling machines for the packaging industry;
  • GIZELIS, a Greek producer of folding machines;
  • SILVERLINE, a Turkish producer of household appliances;
  • UNIMORE, the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia;
  • TUM, the University of Munich;
  • RWTHA, Aachen University;
  • CIOP, the Polish Central Institute for Labour Protection;
  • ASTER, the Emilia Romagna high-tech consortium.


Find out more about Inclusive Project.