A CMS Stone technology garante a precisão e a exactidão de usinagem típicas das demandas de um sector extremamente exigente como o da arte escultórica. A experiência e o know-how adquirido tornam a CMS o parceiro ideal para as empresas mais inovadoras: através do conhecimento do trabalho do cliente conseguimos sempre oferecer a melhor solução tecnológica, assegurando a máxima confiabilidade e prestações de altíssimo nível.

Trabalhos sem limites de alto conteúdo tecnológico para garantir os melhores resultados.

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Ideal Stone - Australia

"The machines are very well built, very strong and the service we receive from Innovyc, the CMS rapresentative in Australia, has been sensational. The backup service is great and this is one of our core reasons for buynig these machines". Lee Coles, Director and Co-Founder

MCR Marmor Center, Germany

"We have three CMS cnc working centers, three CMS waterjets and two bridge saws and they are running like a clock! We should never forget that business is done between humans and the relation with CMS people and its german dealer CMS Steintechnik GmbH is wonderful". Steffen Wurstl, Owner 

Alpha Granite and tile, USA

"We purchased our first CMS machine in 2005. We researched the market extensively and CMS was the only CNC machine that provided us all the features we wanted like: automatic tools changing, high speed, accuracy, repeatability and accuracy. This machine has been working from the time we bought it in 2005 to now, so fifteen years. Here in Alpha Granite we have six CMS machines. CMS North America has treated us very well in the last 15 years, we never had issues with parts, they have the equipment, the technical knowledge and we are happy to continue to work with them". Denis Phocas, President

Lesher Natural Stone, Quartz & Tile, USA

“We went to Italy visiting all the major brands and we chose CMS becuse of their support here in the US and because their machines are very robust. After more than 20 years the machines are still running and producing for us". Frank A. Lesher, Owner