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Lakierowanie i wykańczanie powierzchni - Linie UV - SUPERCURE

High efficiency electronic system for UV modules, which guarantees maximum stability to the lamps and reduced energy consumption. The system is applied to each UV Surfaces module. The systems are integrated with a touch panel connected to a small PLC installed inside the electrical panel. The system, in addition to displaying the operating status of the UV system, allows the adjustment of the lamp power. It is also possible to manage, by an automatic control, the lamp power compensation system, according to the actual UV power emitted by each lamp.


DURABILITY: Lamp power life augmented through constant feeding system.

ENERGY SAVING: Lower energy consumption thanks to the greater efficiency of the electronic power feeding compared to a classic transformer. Possibility of instant intervention of the half power with consequent optimization of consumption especially in the case of lines with step by step processing.

Dane techniczne
SUPERCURE - electronic power supply system  
available lamp length

from 300 to 2300 mm.

available lamp power

from 40 to 120 W/cm

cooling type


available module types


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