Increasing Productivity With Kitchenwerx

16 jan. 2017

When you’ve got 25 years of experience in the industry, it’s safe to say that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to fitting out a joinery workshop. After spending some time sharing a workshop filled with dated and failing equipment, Angelo Kandalepas decided to set up his own space - Kitchenwerx. After carrying out his own research and talking to a few colleagues, Angelo purchased a new SCM Pratika 310 MFV Nesting Machine, SCM SI400 Nova Panel Saw and a MiniMax ME35 Edgebander, along with Xcab Software to complement his new machinery. 

I was mostly concerned with buying a reliable machine,’ said Angelo. ‘I wanted something that wasn’t going to break down, as well as wanting to buy from a company with a good reputation who has been around for a long time.”

The Need For A Dedicated Solution 

During the years that Angelo ran his own building company, it became increasingly evident that there was a great need for quality joinery. Starting his own joinery company seemed like the only obvious solution. Now supplying and installing everything from kitchens to wardrobes in high end residential projects, Angelo is able to personally monitor the quality of each and every element of a project that leaves the Kitchenwerx workshop.  

 “Having the right machinery not only helps with improving the quality of the kitchens I build, but it also means a much quicker turnaround. With my SCM Pratika 310 MFV, I can easily cut two complete jobs in less than 2 days – on my own,” said Angelo. “Before I had the machine I needed two or three people because a traditional panel saw can only cut as fast as you can push the panels through.” 

This increase in productivity has greatly reduced company running costs by minimising the number of staff needed. Kitchenwerx is a family owned business, operated by Angelo and his wife Sevesta. “That’s all we need,” states Angelo.” Having the Pratika 310 MFV is like having three workers. In the time it used to take me to manually cut out a kitchen, I can now cut out three.”

 “It is such a time and cost saver that I can now work in the factory on my own and meet all of my orders.” A part time employee is used to assist only with deliveries and installations allowing Angelo to run the manufacturing and assembly process entirely on his own.

Minimal Planning Time For Maximum Output 

The ability to carefully plan and design a project before needing to cut a single piece of timber also helps Angelo keep costs down. “Partnering the Pratika 310 MFV with Xcab Software lets me design a kitchen in as little as an hour and a half,” says Angelo. “I send the design to the machine and the pieces and labels are ready to cut – it’s that simple.”

So have the new machines lived up to Angelo’s expectations?

“I’m so confident with the product these machines create that I offer a 7 year warranty on all Kitchenwerx workmanship.”

“I’ve had them for nearly a year now and haven’t had to touch a single setting. They’re performing exactly as they’re meant to without the need for any repairs,” said Angelo. “I wanted to invest in a workshop that would last 20 years, and it really looks like I’ll get my wish.”

Now that’s what we call reliability.

Visit the Kitchenwerx website for more information. For product specifications and details on the SCM Pratika 310 MFV Nesting Machine, the SCM SI400 Nova Panel Saw, the MiniMax ME35 Edgebander and Xcab Software, visit the SCM Group Australia website.