Scm Group: new 50 million funding from BEI to invest in research and development


Scm Group and the European Investment Bank (BEI) have signed a new unsecured credit line running for several years of 50 million Euro aimed at funding 50% of the Italian Group's planned 100 million Euro investments in R&D in the coming four-year period 2021-2024.

"Innovation and digitalisation are the cornerstones for the current and future organic growth of our Group " explains Marco Mancini, Managing director of the Scm Group, adding that "the consolidated relationship with BEI contributes, with this credit line, to speeding up the route already undertaken and further strengthening our financial structure".

The purpose of the investments planned by Scm Group is to develop products and services based on technological solutions that are even more effective, flexible and simpler for the end client to use and can guarantee production processes in line with new needs in smart manufacturing and 4.0 Industry to encourage greater sustainability in the use of resources.