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All the machinery in the formula range are certified and guaranteed by SCM

The vf clean air dust extractors are specially designed to work in the woodworking shops, guaranteeing a level of dust emissions lower than 0.1 mg / m3.
Thanks to their compact design and the possibility to be connected to more machines, they can fully substitute the standard centralized exhaust system.


Risks prevention
The fan is positioned at the end of the machine, in a specific protect area, far away from the high risk of explosion zone.

Absolute performance
The vf 125 and vf 140  dust extractors  are equipped with a cartridge filter to reduce the overall dimenstions of the machine to a minimum, while starting from the vf 160 model scm uses sleeve filters for maximum filtering and clearing efficiency.

Practicality first of all 
Easy to move thanks to the wheels below and equipped with devices to prevent the suction of the nylon bag by the fan.

Technical data


  vf 125 vf 140 vf 160 vf 200 vf 250 vf 300
Nominal Air Flow @ 20 m/sec. [m3/h*] 850 1100 1450 2300 4000 6000
Nominal Pressure [Pa] 2350 2200 2350 2350 2800 3300
Maximum Air flow @ 20 m/sec. [m3/h*] 3500 4000 6000 6300 6600 8000
Pressure @ Maximum air flow [Pa] 800 900 600 800 1600 1800
Dimensions [mm] (Length x Width x Height) 886x840x2185 886x840x2185 2305x1070x2438 2305x1070x2438 2525x1150x2439 3435x1150x2439
Filtering Surface [m2] (Antistatic) 5 10 12 15 20 30
Air Inlet diameter Ø [mm] 125 140 160 200 250 300
Residual dust level [mg/m3] <0,1 <0,1 <0,1 <0,1 <0,1 <0,1
Storage Volume [l] 185 185 2x185 2x185 2x270 3x270
Fan Power [kW] 2,2 kW 3F 2,2 kW 3F 3 kW 3F 4 kW 3F 5,5 kW 3F 7,5 kW 3F
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