CMS athena tr: the compact solution for traveling at high speed!

28 jul. 2021

CMS athena tr is the mobile gantry 5-axis machining center designed specifically for the high-speed processing of plastics and composite materials, capable of providing an exceptional movement dynamic to guarantee top level productivity. The advanced structural design has guaranteed a reduction in the vibrations generated by the processing and an excellent finishing quality.

The version with a rotating table (TR) simplifies loading and unloading outside the machine and allows for the swing cycle to be used in the whole work area.

Unloading a finished piece and loading an unfinished piece onto the external table can be done while the machine is running and while the internal table is processing.

CMS athena tr is also the ideal solution for integration with robotic loading systems.


  • 13% reduction in overall processing times thanks to reduced repositioning spaces required between one stage and the next.
  • 15% reduction in cutting and deep etch cut programming times: this avoids repositioning thanks to the CX5 machining unit with the market’s most extensive rotating axis on the XY table.
  • Possibility of making the most of athena’s exclusive processable cube, combining the productivity of the swing cycle and the ease of loading and unloading outside the work area.

In this advanced technological solution, the machine’s reduced sizes stand out when confronted with comparable work areas, as well as the ease with which the machine is inserted in the company productive layout and the reduction in loading/unloading times.

The rotating table is managed by a numeric control axis to guarantee positioning speed, precision, and repeatability as well as reliability.