Let’s set off together on a journey into the future of the Automotive field

6 aug. 2021

A phenomenon never seen before, an epochal revolution.

We provide advanced technologies and machine tools that solve our customers’ problems. First we study their needs, then we suggest the most suitable solutions. For this, we define ourselves as “Your Technology Partner”.

If you work in the automotive field, CMS can become your technology partner, delivering solutions to meet your requirements. We are committed in continuous developments with our R&D department: what we offer is innovative solutions, starting from the best digital services to get to the most advanced Additive Manufacturing technology, that for large formats. The pursuit of excellence is our must: we have raised our standards of precision, reduced our cycle times, and optimised our production performances.

With CMS, the possibility to have a single partner for the processing technologies in the automotive field becomes a real option.


  • Fast machine dynamics for the shortest cycle times ever: up to 85 m/min
  • The most challenging standards of precision
  • Continuous innovation: new technologies, Additive Manufacturing, advanced digital systems