STADLER & CMS: “no time to relax!”

5 aug. 2021

Entering Stadler Minsk gives you the impression of crossing the threshold into a futuristic park. The enormous spaces allow a daily output of carriages that will transport us in a more sustainable fashion. Trains and trams that are manufactured here will carry us along tracks around the world.

From the outset, the management of the company decided to equip the company with the most advanced technologies available on the market. This was how the partnership with CMS began and which Marcel Frei, Welding Production Manager, describes here: "Communication is easy, we share the same business values and the same desire to achieve perfection."

Over the years, Stadler Minsk has accumulated 6 CMS poseidon units, the 5-axis machining center that guarantees quality finishing, fast processing, reliability, structural rigidity, flexibility of use, and high productivity.

In a short space of time, Stadler Minsk has emerged as the largest production site outside of Switzerland where the company's parent company is located. This is the most prestigious recognition it has achieved, while keeping in mind the philosophy at the core of its everyday work, summed up by Marcel Frei in his closing line: "The only thing that matters is the extremely high quality we deliver to our customers."

Sharing the same values, Stadler and CMS are ready to continue their journey together, always at top speed!



  • 21% more accurate compared to the sector's average
  • Ability to adapt to every kind of need to produce the best pieces and faster
  • More than 100 configurations available