American Solar Challenge

14-22.07.2018 Nebraska - Oregon, US

The American Solar Challenge is a biennial solar car endurance event which takes teams across more than a thousand miles of open road.

As with previous events, the American Solar Challenge in 2018 has been preceded by a track-based qualifying event, the Formula Sun Grand Prix.

Scm Group, the world leading producer of industrial machines and components, has led as technological partner the "Onda Solare” (Solar Wave) project and the launch of Emilia 4. The principal contribution was provided by CMS Advanced Materials, technologically the most advanced department in the entire Group.

Emilia 4 run along the famous Oregon Trail, one of the main emigrant trails in the North American continent, used by settlers, cowboys, miners and businessmen who travelled west. More than twenty teams took part in this race, representing the most prestigious universities in the world, with the University of Bologna and its Solar Wave project the only team to represent Europe.

Relive the race

30 juli 2018

Scm Group Management thanks Denise Dujmic after the Emilia 4 American triumph

Ms. Denise Dujmic, a young engineer at the Scm Group Innovation Office, was welcomed by Management...

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23 juli 2018

Emilia 4 wins the American Solar Challenge

After having conquered it all as a “foreigner” in the United States, and having surpassed the...

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20 juli 2018

Solar Wave towards the Craters of the Moon and Mountain Home

The head-to-head between Bologna and Minnesota continues to animate the American Solar Challenge....

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19 juli 2018

Emilia 4 conquers everyone, even the Americans

Emilia 4 and its team are feverishly cheered. Dozens of Americans, including technicians and fans...

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18 juli 2018

The Solar Wave Team more competitive than ever

The Solar Wave Team is currently running the fifth leg, from Lander to Carson. It will not be easy...

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17 juli 2018

Emilia 4 in the Rocky Mountains near Casper

Emilia 4 has now left Nebraska to reach Casper in Wyoming. The third day of the American Solar...

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16 juli 2018

Great start for Emilia 4 racing along the American western trails

With a heart of champions, the Solar Wave team is keeping head to head with none other than the...

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13 juli 2018

Emilia4 at American Solar Challenge: the adventure begin

On the 14th July starts the American Solar Challenge, a competition to design, build, and...

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13 juli 2018

Solar Wave heading to Omaha after taking second place at the Formula Sun Grand Prix

After a podium finish at the Formula Sun Grand Prix, second only to the University of Minnesota...

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12 juli 2018

Emilia 4 is among the American Solar Challenge Magnificent Eleven!

It has taken a lot of effort, a few adjustments and change of course, even during the qualifier...

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11 juli 2018

Solar Wave team among the best in the world: the American Solar Challenge draws nearer

Nearly 80 laps completed and three drivers qualified. These are the Emilia 4 first-day results at...

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10 juli 2018

Excellent report card for Emilia 4: And now the Formula Sun Grand Prix is ready to take off

Braking on wet asphalt, performing U-turns and slaloms between markers. These are some of the tests...

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9 juli 2018

American Solar Challenge: Scrutineering continues for Emilia4

The Emilia 4 car took the first steps toward the start of the American Solar Challenge, a race adventure along the Nebraska country roads, by undergoing the Scrutineering phase...

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5 juli 2018

Emilia 4 has arrived in Nebraska: awaiting the American Solar Challenge preliminaries

The Onda Solare (Solar Wave) Team – that’s going to be joint by Denise Dujmic, engineer of Scm...

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2 juli 2018

Scm Group and Cms visit the Italian Consulate in Chicago with the Onda Solare team

An important recognition by the Italian Consulate in Chicago of the research and innovation efforts...

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11 juni 2018

Scm Group and the University of Bologna take up the “solar” challenge together

Presented at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello was the Emilia 4, the 4-seater electric car now ready...

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