Vetrodomus & CMS: limitless technology for façade installation


The collaboration between Vetrodomus and CMS started in the nineties thanks to the company Deltaprogetti, which joined the group in 2000. Over the years CMS has been able to support the constant growth of Vetrodomus, which has turned from a glass selling company into a machining company at the service of the leading European façade installation professionals.

The relationship with CMS consolidated over the years and led to the purchase of 3 double-end lines in the last 8 years. After the first two flat edge lines with 12 spindles, Vetrodomus had the need to add another fully automated plant for rough edge grinding only.

The challenging request made to CMS was to have a fully automated machine capable of working glass sheets as large as 2000x3300 mm within a space of only 150 square meters.

The solution identified by CMS is a "U" line that is loaded and unloaded by the same robot. The system is completed by a paper spreader that places the strips between one glass sheet and another to ensure perfect storage.

The double-end Brembana Futura P grinder is primarily characterized by an oscillating peripheral wheel that guarantees high removal rates and feed speed even during laminated glass grinding.

The machine is equipped with the most advanced technological solutions, such as automatic measurement of the machined product and automatic measurement and positioning of the tools in accordance with quality and removal.

The lines can be completed with tilting benches, loaders and machines for drilling and milling glass sheets.


  • Configuration with up to 14 pairs of grinding wheels
  • Movable crossbar opening at 31m/min
  • Full compatibility with low emissive glass sheets
  • Machining up to 50 mm thickness



  • Management of production lists by batches or single codes
  • Dimensional check of workpieces
  • Automatic tool presetting
  • Integration with robots and milling drills