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Système de Peinture à Rouleaux Valtorta F1 - SCM Group

valtorta f1

Thanks to Superfici’s vast experience in finishing, the Valtorta F1 is a fast and efficient roller coating machine which is suitable for finishing flat panels, doors, parquet, and furniture panels. Its technology and features are perfectly integrated...

Système de Peinture et Stucage Valtorta SP - SCM Group

valtorta sp - filling machine

Valtorta SP is the most suitable plastering machine for the applications of thick fillers with no product recirculation system. The machine is equipped with flanges which creating a closed ink tray between the rollers from they take the product to be...


The high efficiency electronic power supply for uv modules, which achieves the highest stability of the lamps, together with a lower energy consumption. The system is suitable for any of the Superfici UV modular unit. The dryers are controlled by...