balestrini viva

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Tenonneuses, Mortaiseuses, Profileuses - Tenonneuses, Mortaiseuses, Profileuses - balestrini viva

High-speed, 5-axis CNC machining centre designed specifically for chair parts and similar pieces, capable to cut mortises and tenons of different sizes and angles, abutting joints, multiple drillings and milling of complex shapes.

Données techniques
Max. working length Two pieces with automatic loading, each
One piece with manual loading
1200 mm
1700 mm
Max. working length With automatic loading 50x130 mm
Working stations  Independent, opposed on rotative structure 2
Workpiece supports and reference stopsi Programmed positioning 3+3
Linear axes X
Max. feed speed
Max. acceleration
1750 mm
1150 mm
1000 mm
100 mt/min
10 mt/sec²
Rotative axes A

Tool dimension Max. diametre
Max. length
120 mm
120 mm
Sawblade Max. Ø 200 mm
Tool-holder spindle Collect chuck max Ø 20 mm
Elecetrospindles g/min / rpm
Power, each
18000 max
7,5 kK
Overall dimension   5000x2600x2600 mm
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