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area xl is the 5-axis CNC machining centre, with mobile gantry structure, for the industrial production of large format CLT panels for wall, ceiling and roof elements. It allows fully automatic handling and processing of elements up to 400 mm thick and 3600 mm wide.


It has been designed and built to be integrated into automatic production lines, where the automation of the process in the workpiece handling and referencing phases is extremely important. The motorised worktable can automatically manage elements with a weight of up to 12.7 tonnes.

It can be equipped with one or two machining head units featured with very high performances in terms of torque and power, so as heavy duty stock removal is easy even with very heavy tools. The high rigidity of the structure facilitates the processing of very tough woods.

The work area is always clean thanks to automatic cleaning systems located inside the cabin, underneath and at the sides of the worktable. No shavings even on the surface of processed elements.

Données techniques
Element dimensions at infeed 
Length min/max mm 2100 – 16000
Width min/max mm 500 - 3600
Thickness min/max mm 20 - 400
Element dimensions at outfeed 
Length min/max mm 1100 - 16000
Width min/max mm 500 - 3600
Thickness min/max mm 20 - 400
Linear axes 
X-axis speed m/min 48
Y-axis speed m/min 75
Z-axis speed m/min 50
Machining head units 
Power max (S1) kW 63
Rotation speed max rpm 12000
Torque max (S1) Nm 200
Tool connection - HSK 100 A
Tool stores 
Tools stores available Tot. N° 6
Tools available Tot. N° 60
Sawblades diameter mm 1150 - 800


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