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Flexible sizing-edgebanding cell
stefaniCELL-S is a new all-in-one cell oriented to medium-sized investment. With a single-operator architecture, it immediately makes the real  business advantages operational, especially in semi-intensive production  contexts and / or with non-homogeneous production batches.

Compact and high performing
In a space of 85 m2, for the basic configuration, a single operator can produce 600 finished panels/shift, for components either from the Nesting cycle or from the sheet cutting.

Modular and efficient
stefaniCELL-S is designed to be integrated in different operating situations, functional to different company requirements. For example, it can be integrated with a rear pickup to automatically unload the finished panels on stacks, or it can be fitted with complete automation for the panel return to the operator loading zone, to lower overall machining times.

Precise and dynamic
Specific technical solutions guarantee maximum quality of the final furniture assembly in all its parts, even the largest such as the sides and doors. Repeatability and machining precision became a guaranteed added value for all furniture components up to 2,500 x 1,200 mm (3,200 x1,200 mm opt).

Données techniques
  • Machinable dimensions with lengthwise feeding (length x width mm) (min/max) 250x120 / 2700* x 1200(*3200 opt)
  • Machinable dimensions with crosswise feeding (length x width mm) (min/max)  130x250 /1200 x 2700*  (*3200 opt)


  • Approximate space required (m2) : 85
  • Number of operators:  1
  • Productivity: 600* panels/shift
  • Machining operation with panel squaring/sizing: yes
  • Possibility of finish quality checking: yes
  • Side finder technology for intelligent recognition of the edge to be inserted: yes
  • Check technology for the feasibility of production: yes - Flexible processing by management of each zone / each working unit: yes
  • Continuous optimization of the panel gap depending on the machined panel: yes
  • Flexible management of edge application technology/quality: yes


* The data depends on and is affected by the load efficiency of the operator, mix of sizes, extra machine handling logistics.  

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