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With SCM, Yachtline “navigates” on course to success

The establishment of a factory specialised in “premium” class furniture (top of the range) is an almost impossible feat. Apart from the large investments in modern, high-precision machinery, the hiring of qualified professionals and the development of technologies for processing different materials, it is essential to create a product that meets modern-day market demands from a design and additional services point of view. This is the “course” followed by Yachtline, which successfully operates in Gribki, near Moscow.


From a small carpentry workshop to a successful company specialising in luxury furniture. Established in 2007, Yachtline started expanding its horizons early on and, together with their furniture production, introduced another highly profitable activity, that of customising yachts and motor boats. In Russia, between 2007/2009, the second-hand yacht market grew, resulting in a demand from the new owners to have restyling and interior restoration work done. Yachtline rapidly grew in popularity with yachtsmen, acquiring numerous new clients thanks to the excellent quality of their work. At the same time, following different individual projects for this specific sector, the Russian company acquired further experience in the processing of wood and other materials (leather, stone, brass, etc.).

The state-of-the-art technologies adopted by this company mean they can also produce outdoor furniture, a very particular type of product, as well as being complex to create because it has to withstand bad weather. Considerable attention, therefore, needs to be placed on raw materials, the types of wood and processing technologies to maintain high quality and extremely accurate production. Yachtline made a success of this venture thanks to the experience acquired over time at industrial level and, in the space of a few years, recorded a rapid increase in demand from the market. Indeed, such high demand, that the company needed to increase its production capacity. As a result, the company decided to renovate its factory in order to optimise its processes for creating both indoor and outdoor furniture.

In 2015, considerable investments were made to expand the plant, now covering 8,000 square metres overall, and equip it with even more state-of-the-art machinery. An expansion that allowed for an increase in production volumes and a diversification in product varieties. In 2017, the new collection for the outdoor range of furniture was presented (garden furniture) in teak, iroko wood and ash. For its indoor furniture production, Yachtline uses a range of quality, naturally veneered woods - hickory, wenge, rosewood, eucalyptus, zebra wood, etc.

As the owner says, the company entrusted itself to the state-of-the-art technologies and consolidated know-how of a world leading manufacturer like SCM as soon as it realised the need to expand its production. “We chose this Italian “player” because we consider it a strategic and highly reliable partner, as we have had the opportunity to clearly observe over these years of fruitful collaboration.

The processing of more complex pieces and the milling and boring of solid wood are done with a numerically controlled 5 axes morbidelli m100 machining centre which produces 3D pieces guaranteeing precision throughout the entire process stage as well as providing a top quality finishing.
An important process for the company is the preparation of the surfaces of elements for the following application stage of a base of oil. The surfaces in question need to be smooth and even, so completely free of any imperfections such as undulations, excessive roughness or raised fibres which represent unacceptable defects for the subsequent protective and decorative coating of the pieces being processed and, soon to be high quality furniture. A dmc sd 60 (re-branding model of sandya 600) was selected for this purpose which, thanks to its robust supporting and ergonomic structure, powerful motorisation and some of the most high performing calibrator and sanding units, excels in achieving top quality finishings for the furniture sector.

The other SCM technologies used at the Yachtline plant include a Sergiani gs 90 press, a superset nt throughfeed moulder, a class si 300 circular saw and a class f 520 planer.

Thanks to such technologically advanced equipment, the quality of Yachtline products, as well as other aspects, place the company on a par with the most important European manufacturers with decades of experience in the industry. But this dynamic enterprise is not resting on its laurels: the company plans to increase sales not only in Russia but to explore new markets. Yachtline products are currently exported to Germany, Switzerland, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Cyprus, but its industrial plan foresees expansion into more strategic European markets in the coming years.

Credits: Alexandr Tambi for Lesprominform


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