Design and technology: a winning combination. This is demonstrated by the results of collaboration with SCM Group partners such as Riva 1920, Pininfarina and San Patrignano. In our stands at Technodomus great works of art, played by famous designers, shows how to mix art and creativity with the power and precision of our machines.

Riva 1920 has not only realized the Cambiano wood sculpture, but has also allowed the "superstars" of beautifully shaping the wood from the historic Briccole of Venice, using CNC machines.

The boys of San Patrignano, which is always equipped with woodworking machinery SCM Group, have reinterpreted the traditional artistic barrels.

And then there are the huge wooden eggs, made ​​by Bloomlab with SCM Group technology and became the icon event. The perfect oval sculptures and the amazing variety of works that our solutions can provide, evidence of how there are really no limits to creativity.