CMS Advanced Materials at the side of the new “Emilia 4 LT” solar car

1 اوت 2019

Emilia 4 LT, the latest version of the 4-seater cruiser from the University of Bologna which, in July 2019 won the American Solar Challenge by covering the 2,800 km from Nebraska to Oregon with only solar power, was presented today at the Ferrari Museums in Maranello by the Onda Solare team. This completely unique model, will face a new, even more arduous challenge than the "stars and stripes" one: the World Solar Challenge (from 13 to 20 October 2019) across 3,000 km of Australian desert from Darwin to Adelaide.

As stated by Gian Luca Fariselli, Scm Group Communications Director, at the event, CMS Advanced Materials, world leader in technologies for processing advanced materials for state of the art industries like the car and aerospace industries, had already taken part in the Onda Solare project last year, providing the team with its most innovative machining centres to produce moulds which were subsequently used to create bodywork in carbon fibre for the solar car. Now with an even more powerful Emilia 4 LT, CMS has re-confirmed its support for the project in line with the strong commitment which it has always shown towards R&D projects for new technologies and applications to manufacture the most innovative, high performance materials. These include carbon fibre which is one of the most interesting as it guarantees a better balance between low energy consumption and maximum performance levels, as is the case with Emilia 4 LT.

The Italian four-seater solar car is re-presented with a new design, the result of further research and design activities. The new version has been added to with innovations and technological proposals: from materials, with a predominance of carbon fibre, to mechanics specifically designed and optimised in every detail; from the two electric motors, one on each wheel with command electronics, to the 5 square metre solar panel. The car was put in a position to be able to carry 4 people at a maximum speed of 120 km/h, consuming less than a hair-dryer: just 1.2 kW.CMS and SCM Group whish all the team "sunny luck" with the new australian challenge.