Amidst training and business: SCM opens its doors to display the best of its technologies

30 آوریل 2019

From future "4.0" artisans from the Istituto Carniello in Brugnera to Slovakian businessmen, accompanied by the Wood-B dealer, to get a closer look at the SCM factories in Rimini and Villa Verucchio.

29 and 30 April - two days full of exchange and comparison, aimed at showing SCM's most evolved technologies to the world of training and woodworking businesses. Around forty students and teachers visiting from the Brugnera school were welcomed by the Regional Manager for Italy, Luca Bergantini. A traditionally state-of-the-art organisation which celebrates 45 years in the business this year. Numerous current day managers in the most prestigious companies in the industry trained there and each year sees an increase in new students enrolling at the Institute. In the summer of 2016, the Institute made important changes to its training programme thanks to a new morbidelli 5-axis numeric control machining centre that allows students to train on a machine equipped with all the technology and software needed to receive top quality training and in line with "Industry 4.0" needs. The visit to the factories in Rimini and Villa Verucchio is part of this successful partnership with SCM and allowed the youngsters to get hands on experience of the main technological innovations in the industry, both product and process innovations, with particular attention to the "secrets" of Lean Production.

A lot of interest was also shown in the vast range of SCM solutions by the Slovakian clients visiting the Headquarters in Rimini on 30 April and the other factories at Villa Verucchio. A vast presence of some of the most evolved companies in the woodworking sector in this part of Eastern Europe. The Regional Manager, Paolo Lombardini acted as a guide along with other colleagues in the SCM sales team. One of the most interesting parts of the visit was the new Surface Tech Lab at Villa Mare which allows clients to test for themselves the state of the art integrated solutions offered by SCM for surface treatment.