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balestrini idea

Gantry-type 5-axis CNC machining centre with two work benches. Ideal for routing complex wood surfaces, typical of chair components and similar of solid wood.
The machining head can use 4 independent spindles to switch from one operation to the next in a very short time. The machine is available in a number of versions with different work areas and machining units with 1 up to 4 spindles.

Ficha Técnica
AXES X-Y-Z axes speed 
B-C axes speed
90 – 90 – 60 m/min
360° (in continuous) – 370 °
X – Y – Z MACHINING AREA   1700 – 1900 - 700 mm




CS44 (ER40)

CS33 (HSK63F + ER40)


4x9,5 kW

1x12 kW
2x9,5 kW

1x12 kW

TOOL STORES Stations for CS33 and LI11 No. 6 - 8
Estudios de caso
Voglauer and SCM: tradition and innovation
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