Centro de trabajo equipado con la mesa multifuncional SCM en aluminio, para produciones de alta flexibilidad y sin límites de forma, que requieren una alta precisión. Solución ideal incluso para trabajos de tableros con tecnología nesting y para trabajos de materiales plásticos, resinas o aleaciones ligeras.


The PRISMA machining heads with 5 interpolating axes are designed for the processing of solid wood.
The ideal solution for windows, doors and stairs.

Boring, Routing and Cutting both vertically and horizontally, without needing to tool change.
Fast and efficient, all additional machinings are carried out by this unit that has an independent Z-axis and a dedicated inverter.

The SCM aluminium multi-function worktable guarantees perfect lasting planarity.
The direct integrated vacuum system allows the optimum work-piece hold down and the T-grooves are ideal for fitting of any type of mechanical locking equipment.

Simple and intuitive programming, thanks to the MAESTRO software that includes modules for different applications.

Ficha Técnica
Área de trabajo eje X mm de 3650 a 6170
Área de trabajo eje Y mm de 1600 a 2120
Pasaje pieza mm 350
Potencia electromandril kW de 8,5 a 15
Cambio herramientas  núm. posiciones de 10 a 78




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Window Holding
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