Best in class Universal Holding Fixture


Fully automatic universal system for holding complex shaped parts, designed and produced by CMS.

The system replaces all fixtures and jigs normally required for a single component.


  • 5-axis active NC-controlled vacuum cups ensure extremely accurate automatic height and compound angle positioning
  • Extremely compact design: the smallest 5-axis active actuator in the industry
  • Plug and play configuration: each actuator can be replaced or relocated in few minutes without any electronic or mechanical re-configuration
  • The fastest set-up: simultaneous positioning of all actuators without manual intervention
  • full sealing: the entire system is designed to work in a dusty or wet environment; the location of the most sensitive components make them inherently protected and the use of the most advanced sealing materials guarantee the long term reliability
  • bespoke configurations: the same main components can be configured to suit the customer’s specific needs